It started

Because it´s something I´ve wanted to do my whole career taking advantage of the exposition I have as an artist to take a message and because as an habitant of this planet I worry and take action from my place, my trench, my stage. We cannot be strangers and not take actions. In this ocation I wanted to remind the people that we need to express ourselfs mainly through actions. In this world increseangly violent and confused by so much manipulation is important to recuperate our escence, go to our roots and assume with dignity that we have the power to accomplish little changes that in due time will open the door to a new world. Hope, Faith and Love are subject of daily conversation, buy only through our actions in a collective manner we can make and be the difference. It started, if we are going to talk about PEACE let us finally leave PEACE in FREEDOM and peacefully, with espiritual intelligence, make a reality of the world we want.