The inside world of my photography

Luis, that photography deal is a passing thing or is for real?

Lately some friends or fans made me some questions that left me with that rich feeling for reflective need. This was one that I liked a lot because it forced me to think and rethink the why of my other current passion: photography. Maybe you have seen recently in my social feed that I have shared some pictures took in my travels or around town where I live. This question is a great opportunity to share the motivations behind this new facet.

The first contact I had with the world of photography was with the iPhone 4S. I remember I just wanted to take pictures of everything around me in every concert, in every walk around the city, in the gym and even on bohemian nights with my friends. Besides, I had found some applications in the phone with which I could edit them. You can’t even imagine how it completely trapped me that process of digitally touch each photo.It was the same sensation I had as a kid a new toy or when I played for the first time my uncles guitars back in my homeland, Nicaragua.

What started as a fun hobby became almost a necessity. Everyone who saw my iPhone photos asked me why I didn’t do it with a real camera, that way I would achieve a better quality y better details. Because of how easy it was with the iPhone I wouldn’t decide to buy a professional camera and, besides, because I though it would be tedious having to learn in a small amount of time to handle the new camera, the way I knew to use the phone. I wanted everything fast. Anyway, I encouraged myself to continue with my curiosity, although it would take me time to learn, so I bought from a friend a used but very good camera. Little by little I started to discover how to work with it. At the beginning I was terrible, but soon I realized that the final product definitely would have more quality that the one achieved with my cellphone.

It was this way that my pictures started to take better shape and I to have a different sensibility in respect to the environment that my eyes captured. In time I focused my attention in the environment composition. I started to get interested and fell in love with the landscape, water reflections and buildings. The place I visited I would capture it with my camera. That’s also how I discovered my fascination with the skies and figures hidden between the clouds. Although not only that because there is an entire world in every single thing. For example, when I have photographed chromatic photos, a flower, a wasp, etc… it has been amazing to see in each detail everything that wildlife and nature itself enclose in the smallest sizes.

I have also discovered that my photographic process it’s sometimes planned but the majority of times is subject to improvisations, to go out and explore and see what I find that is worth portraying, always linked to the beauty in each object, which is what inspires me. The exploring facet is completely new in me because I don’t remember being someone that goes out to get all sweaty in the middle of the day in the heat or the rain only to take pictures.

Several pictures has excited me since then, either because technically they are well achieved (according to me, of course) or because what I felt by taking it and managed to transmit in it’s final result. I remember some: one I took with the iPhone 4S of a cloud after a storm in Miami -one of my favorites, of course-, to others of sunset at Nicaragua. Only to remember each click that I have taken in the last year I realize that I really feel like I’m portraying life.

I tell you that the interesting part of all this new phase it’s that photography is waking up in me a very special connection with music. Or maybe is that music is influencing in my photography creative process. Sometimes I have been able to feel music when I see a picture that excites me and immediately makes me imagine a melody or a chords progression. It’s like a mood, because pictures definitely gives you that, they can transport you into a mood state intimately linked to what you are watching.

Imagine it like this, in the process of music creation, the song is first written and later, if this has everything it needs to move you, comes the next step which is to dress it. It happens the same with photography. I take a photograph and if it is well illuminated and composed, the next part in the edition that fills me with joy. The photograph for me is taken but also is edited. It’s like when you give an arranger a song and he gives it the final touches to give a proper climax to it when is all recorded, edited and mastered. It’s almost the same process with photography. Like in music, the most important es to count with and impeccable piece that allows you to make and say through it what you feel.

Anyway, this new phase as “amateur” photographer I have grown and has given me a renewed touch of creative inspiration. So much that the cover photo of the single about to go out it’s my idea. Although the photo wasn’t taken by me, I did have a very clear idea of what I wanted from the picture. Going around capturing everywhere I go of things that excite me, it’s something that I always felt with music. You start to see the world in a different way, to recognize textures, colors, the simplest things. Definitely each object in the outside world has become much more beautiful to me that I could have experienced before.

That is why I want to grow, and really do it, in a professional manner. Communicate by this way a little bit more of my inside world.